Jack Barben has been playing and studying music since childhood.  Trained as a classical trombonist, singer, and pianist, he has also studied a wide variety of musical styles including jazz, pop, folk, Hindustani classical, West African drumming, to name a few. He has been teaching for over 20 years and has developed a unique approach to helping children and adults experience the joy and creativity of music right from the beginning of their practice.  Jack lives on Lopez Island.

Creative Kids Music

The Creative Kids Music Project is a fun and exciting alternative in music education. Classes nurture the inherent creativity and musical nature of children through playing together on musical instruments from around the world.

Children learn to

improvise on any instrument

feel and reproduce global rhythms

create melody and harmony

find their unique voice and play with others

play with pattern and form

connect their bodies and emotions with their instruments

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Private Lessons

I offer private lessons on piano, voice, and guitar.  I have been teaching for almost 20 years and have developed a unique approach to teaching that develops creativity and musical expression. Each student is unique and my approach is to create a path of learning that nurtures and develops that unique voice.  Below you will find a contact form to inquire about lessons and testimonials from former students.

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I enjoy improvising and composing from time to time. All of these recordings were done by myself on my laptop using very simple gear and recorded and edited in a few hours.


Piano, classical guitar, synth strings form the base for this fun afternoon impov.

Rhodes War

A synth reproduction of the classic rhodes organ. All improvised over a fun little rhythm I recorded on a stainless steel mixing bowl in the kitchen.

Mermaid’s Croon

An old gaelic ballad.  Kopi Gulbranson on vocals recorded in Rabun Gap, GA to the back drop of spring crickets.

A Pirate’s Life

May 24, 2017


I recently picked up a cello for the kids music project and have been really enjoying playing around with it.  There are synth strings as well, but perhaps you can pick up the cello sound coming through.  I love the lush sound of the cello and found myself wanting to create an expansive soundscape as this piece went on, layering multiple cello takes, vocal takes and the synth string riff.

June 21, 2016

I’ve been curious about different ways of using the voice in a recording media.  This was a simple exploration that I spent a few minutes on one afternoon in Sylva, North Carolina.